Qualities to Look For in a Maths Tutor

Getting a maths tutor for yourself or for a child is a good way of securing the future. Understanding mathematics is an essential skill that everyone needs. There is no shame in admitting that you or your child needs a little help to grasp some mathematical concepts. You should look for a qualified maths tutor who will help you achieve your goals.

What to Look For in Maths Tutors

  • Competence and experience in maths: The tutor should be able to demonstrate competence in maths that goes beyond the knowledge that the student has. Feel free to ask them about their experience and references from other people that they have tutored.
  • Ability to teach: The maths tutor you are hiring should actually know how to teach. It is not enough for them to know maths; they should be able to instil that information in a straightforward manner that is easy to understand. There have been cases of teachers who lost their temper and threatened students. You should be on the lookout for erratic behaviour from tutors and fire them if you notice something that is off-putting.
  • Has a curriculum: The maths tutor should provide you with a curriculum that they plan to use during the teaching process. The best tutors are those who curate the curriculum based on the specific needs of the students. They should put more focus on areas where the student has the most inadequacies.

Once you have identified potential tutors, make a point of meeting with them to discuss ways in which you can work together. Go through their qualifications and ask as many questions as you can to try and gauge if they are the best fit or if you need to expand your search when looking for a maths tutor.