Maths Tutoring as a Home-Based Business

Maths is an essential skill that every child should learn from a young age. Even the most basic tasks, such as understanding money, require some knowledge of addition and subtraction. However, it is undoubtedly seen as a difficult and unpopular subject at school and children can easily fall behind in their lessons. There is a greater need for extracurricular teaching now, and parents are prepared to pay to ensure their child isn’t left behind.

Setting Up a Tutoring Business

If you have the necessary skills to teach maths, you could consider setting up a home-based business. Obviously, you will need to have a specific room set aside for the purpose; it would not look professional to use your lounge or kitchen. You can make the space child-friendly by perusing the range of wallpapers at and selecting something appropriate. Their easy to navigate website even has a specific category of children’s wallpaper.

Making Maths Fun

If the child is not even interested in maths, you need to turn it into an enjoyable subject. Rather than just learning from books, you can draw examples from your surrounding and everyday life. The wallpapers at include many options featuring birds or cute animals. You could encourage the child to count how many of each animal they can see. You could perhaps have a wall that is covered in a geometric pattern, which could lead to discussions on mathematical shapes.

Teaching children is not for everybody, but if you have knowledge and patience, it is an excellent idea for a home-based business. You can set your own hours, and at the end of the day you can simply shut the door to your study room and relax in your own home without having to face commuter traffic!