Signs Your Child Needs a Mathematics Tutor

Nothing makes a parent happier than seeing their children performing well in school. while it is what everyone strives for, it is not always the case. There are children who take relatively longer to grasp concepts. In most cases, it does not mean much more than the fact that they are slow learners. Mathematics is one of the subjects where learners are likely to struggle. This is because it requires a lot of concentration, practice and patience that most learners lack.

When to Bring in a Tutor

  • They are constantly complaining it is hard: It is one thing for a child to come home and complain that they are having a hard time with a subject. When it becomes routine and you can see they are clearly struggling, then it is time to hire a maths tutor.
  • The grades are falling: If you have tried different ways to get them develop an interest in mathematics but they are still struggling, then it means it is beyond giving motivational talks. A look into their grades will show you how they are performing. If they are constantly deteriorating, then they definitely need a tutor.
  • Notification from teachers: You should never ignore if the teacher sends you a notification that your child’s grade is poor. They are always the first to notice. Ask questions during teacher-parent meeting if you notice your child is trailing behind. It is at this point that you should find a tutor.
  • Your child has a learning disorder: If your child suffers from a learning disorder such as ADHD or dyslexia, you need a maths teacher who is also trained in handling children with special needs.

Remember that even as you find a tutor for your child, you should never make them feel less for needing one. You should also work with a professional maths tutor who will not ruin the child’s self-esteem.