Mathematics in Engineering

We know that engineering is a very vast field of study and, probably, the most applicable science in the universe, but the majority of areas in engineering rely on mathematics. Mathematics has a necessary role to play in robotics, construction engineering, automotive designing, rocket science, surveying and much more.

Roller Coasters

When we have to design roller coasters, mathematics has to be applied. In fact, mathematical equations and calculus are the reason that the roller coasters are safe to use. Mathematical formulas are used to calculate the momentum that the roller coaster would generate, along with its path, and even the track, on which roller coasters move, are designed according to mathematical calculations.

Digital Music

Even the digital music that we listen today via our iPods, streaming apps, and other audio devices work on mathematical Fourier transform. We can safely say that the existence of digital music would be impossible without the presence of mathematics.

Weather Predictions

The weekly weather predictions are not just because of satellite readings; mathematical calculations, are made with the help of supercomputers, and only then we are able to get weekly weather predictions.


Mathematics has a role to play in networking and phones as well. Behind reliable network connections, mathematical calculations work to keep us safe. Some of the essential mathematical concepts which are utilized in this field are Poisson processes, queuing theory, etc.


Mathematical algorithms are used in maintaining long distance, noise-free communication with satellites, after they are launched into space. If there weren’t these algorithms, we wouldn’t be able to make communication possible with long-range satellites.


The only force besides electromagnetic waves that makes microwaves work for domestic purposes is mathematics. It is because of Lorentz force law that we are used to heating our food by using microwaves of a particular wavelength.