Mathematics in Computers

You might think that you are able to play music on your computer because you press the play button, but that’s not so true. It is all the work of mathematical tools and electrical circuits. Everything you do in your computer takes place in binary form, which is composed of just two arrangements that are 0 and 1, or we can call it off and off, or we can also call it circuit close and circuit open, respectively.

The logical gates are studied in mathematics and are used in computers as an application of logic gates. Computers run on Boolean algebra, which is also a branched out part of mathematics, that is mostly used by the scientists involved in the study of computer science.

There are millions of gates in a computer that operates when you do any task. Thus, you can say that mathematics is an integral part of computing, without which computer science is incomplete. The basis of machine level languages and high-level languages is still the same arrangement of 0’s and 1’s. You cannot think of computer science, without thinking of mathematics, because mathematics is the jugular vein of computer science.