Mathematics in Sports

How can mathematics possibly stay behind in this field? Like every other field, mathematics has an excellent role to play in many sports, which include football, skate park designing, swimsuit designing, etc.

Mathematics is a must if you want to score goals in football. You can benefit from penalties using statistics, and you can use an optimum angle for a throw-in. Football managers use the diagonal system of control, which is based on mathematics as well. Even a football is designed, as per the studies of physics and mathematics.

Similarly, the designing of skate parks needs to be perfectly customized and precise, and mechanics have a significant role to play. Usually, the designing is done via a software system, but the basis of the design still relies on physics and mathematical sciences.

How can mathematics be used in designing swimsuits? Although it is not a fully developed field yet, the research is being done by mathematicians, and designers, to make a remarkable contribution towards this field as well. We can say a lot has been achieved, but it is still a long way to go for mathematicians.