Mathematics in Medical Science

We all agree that MRI scanners have made a remarkable impact in the medical field, and such comprehensive three-dimensional body checkups were not possible before that. You will be surprised to know that mathematics has to operate on these machines as well. The advanced mathematics such as Radon transforms, make it possible for MRI scanners to take all the 2D scans, and compile them into a three dimensional, full body scan.

Not only that, mathematics has indispensable roles to play in many other diverse branches related to medical sciences, such as epidemics analysis, population dynamics, crowd control, neurology, plastic surgery and calculation of calories. So, what did we miss? You might say nothing, but there are many other contributions of mathematics in this field alone, and much other equipment used in healthcare centers operate on mathematical formulas. Therefore, we can say that mathematics has a considerable role to play in governing every aspect of our society, like every other scientific field, and what makes mathematics more unique, is that it always finds its way of applicability in every area of science, probably except the languages, which is very incredible.