Mind Mathematics: Trick Set #1

It is not a hidden fact, that solving mathematical problems, can be very challenging for some people. Therefore, we have come forward with a bunch of simple, yet tremendously helpful, tricks that can help you solve mathematical problems, without even having to do rough work. But for that to happen, you will still need to practice, using the tricks that we are going to teach you here. Once you are able to master these tricks, no one can stop you from being a mathematical genius in your

classroom for sure.

Let’s Start by Learning Simple Tricks and Move on Towards Complicated Ones

In this tutorial, we will be teaching you addition tricks, multiplication tricks, division tricks, percentage tricks, and much more. Before getting started, we suggest you get rid of all the distractions around you and give us your complete focus. If you feel like you will need to do rough work, grab a pen and a notebook in advance. Let’s begin!

Addition Trick

Suppose you are given two large numbers, and you have to add them, what will you do? You’ll start adding them directly on a piece of paper without making it any easier. You have to round off those two large numbers and make them multiples of 10.

e.g. 137 will become 140 and 246 will become 250.

Now you can easily add these rounded off numbers: 140 + 250 = 390

But to get the accurate answer, you will need to subtract both rounded off numbers by original numbers, i.e. 140 – 137 = 3 and 250 – 246 = 4.

Round-off difference = 3 + 4 =7 which have to be subtracted from the sum.

Therefore, original sum = 390 – (3 + 4) = 383 which is the final answer.

So, you have learned here to add two large nmbers quickly. Now let’s learn how to do faster subtraction.

Subtraction Trick

Some adults, and usually kids, get confused when we have to carry a number forward while doing subtraction, and it’s worst form is subtracting a larger number from 1000, which becomes very difficult. Therefore, a trick has been devised to do it very quickly.

You will only need to remember all the numbers other than the last number by 9, and only the last number is to be subtracted by 10. Let’s learn it via an example.

Suppose, we have to subtract 888 from thousand.

We subtract first and second 8 by 9 as per above rule, and the last number which is also 8, is to be subtracted by 10 only. It is a universal rule which you need to apply, whenever you are subtracting anything from 1000.

Therefore, the solution is 9 – 8 = 1

9 – 8 = 1

10 – 8 = 2

Your answer is 112.