Mind Mathematics: Trick Set #4

You’re doing great! It energizes your brain in this trick set, by learning skills which are very useful, as well as fun to learn; we hope you enjoy it. It will help you for a lifetime, and there is no way you are going to forget it, even if you want to.

Do you often wish that you could remember the first seven digits of the value of the pi? It would be awesome. Here you have the chance to do the exact same thing.

The Easiest Way to Remember the First Seven Digits of Pi

Memorize the sentence “How I wish I could calculate pi”.

The number of letters in every word of this sentence is each digit of the value of pi.

The value of pi is = 3.141592

How = 3

I = 1

Wish = 4

I = 1

Could = 5

Calculate = 9

pi = 2.

How easy was that! Now you will never forget the value of pi up to seven digits. We hope your mathematical journey will win you a Fields Medal someday. In case you don’t know what it is, it is a medal for mathematics, which is as prestigious as the Nobel Prize.