The Beauty of Mathematics

For most of the people among us, mathematics is just one boring subject, which hardly anyone finds interesting to explore. However, it is not true for legendary mathematicians. There is an idea that great mathematicians, do not do mathematics just because it is compulsory for them, or as a part of their job, but they actually have fun while solving mathematical problems. It is said that they derive aesthetic pleasure out of it, and often find themselves in a deep affection for this area of study.

As per most of the mathematicians; music, maths and poetry are all the same, which is because all of these activities are creative. Therefore, it is advisable for younger generations to study mathematics, the way great mathematicians have studied it if you want a successful career as a mathematician. It is also important to love what you do; you have to love mathematics if you’re going to be a good mathematician in the future.

Mathematics Is Beautiful

Mathematicians find it beautiful to work on problems, and go through all the steps, and reach the final answer. From time to time, mathematicians have expressed their love for different aspects of mathematics. They find the methods used in mathematics is beautiful, the results, the experience and the philosophy; everything is beautiful for a mathematician.

Mathematics in Music

The closest thing to maths that mathematicians describe is music. It is probably because musical instruments work on the principles of mathematics. A musical symphony is a well calculated mathematical output, which comes out of a musical instrument. For example, stochastic music by Iannis Xenakis, etc.

Mathematics in Physics

Problems in physics are often solved by mathematical methods, and these two sciences always go well together. In fact, we can say that mathematics makes the theories of physics apply. That’s why students mostly choose these two subjects for studies together. If one is good at mathematics, he is automatically supposed to be good at physics. Many great scientists such as Felix Klein, Richard Courant, Vladimir Arnold, etc. have advocated for the teaching of mathematics,s in context with physics. It is also being said that after the 17th century, the findings in mathematics have been driven by the ambitions of physics.

Mathematics in Biology

The knowledge of mathematics is not only helpful for the study of physics, but it has also branched out into biological sciences as well, which is commonly known as “mathematical and theoretical biology”. It assists theorists in making mathematical models, which can predict the moves of natural laws. Different mathematical tools are employed to study biology and the systems which operate life. Various biological processes can be explained, by making use of applied mathematical tools.