How to Fall in Love with Mathematics

Why Should You Do It?

Mathematics is not a ghost that you should be scared of. Mathematics is meant to be loved because it exists everywhere. You don’t agree on this one? Let us explain; when you buy a particular number of ice creams for your friends, you are doing mathematics, when you guess the probability of you winning a lottery, you are doing mathematics, when you count the number of calories you have burned and gained, you are still doing mathematics. In fact, you are doing mathematics all day, whether in the foreground or background. We can give you an infinite number of reasons to fall in love with mathematics, but it is also essential to address the issues, that make someone hate this subject.

Why Are You Scared of It?

We get scared of mathematics, not because it is difficult, but because we often neglect the right way to do it, and end up being weak at it. If you learn how to study mathematics and what makes mathematics so special that we need a different strategy to study it; unlike other subjects, you will outshine others in this field,

The Solution

Learning mathematics in the right way needs you to be patient, learning not to panic when you get a wrong answer; instead, benefit from your mistakes, by doing a comprehensive analysis. The golden rule of getting better at mathematics is to practice every day as much as you can. Brush up your basics regularly, and get your concepts right, because a building is only secure if it’s pillars are strong. It is essential to study it in a comfortable place, where you will face zero distraction, and the concentration of your mind is entirely on point. You can also try to make flashcards of essential terms, definitions and other things, even formulas so that you can understand them well, and eventually give them permanent space in your head. We often get tired of a problem that we can’t solve for a long time and skip it, but you should never do that. Instead, try to understand the process of the solution, the steps to be taken, and you will rectify your error when you attempt to do that question again.